Mortgages and Loans

A loan to buy your dream home, release some equity or even invest in a commercial property can help improve your quality of life as well as boost your investment portfolio.

Borrowing to buy, borrowing to invest

Taking out a mortgage to purchase or refinance a property is a tactic often used to introduce physical property into an investment portfolio or to release cash for other purposes.

Negotiating the myriad of lenders in the market, though, can be a major drain on your time. Different lenders have different lending policies, and it can be frustrating trying to find the one that is best aligned with your circumstances and objectives.

We are a licensed mortgage broker and have access to hundreds of loans from dozens of lenders, allowing us to find you the most suitable product at the best possible rate. 

Our Loan Services

Loans arranged for all situations.

Home Loans & Investment Loans

Mortgages and bridging loans for properties to live in or to invest in.

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Commercial Mortgages and Business Loans

Mortgages for the purchase of commercial property or loans for business investment.

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Here at Steward Wealth, we are a licensed mortgage broker.

In most cases, we do not charge you for our services in helping to arrange a loan. Instead, the lender will pay us a fee for our introduction, and this may be reflected in the interest rate or arrangement fee that you pay. The exception is bridging loans where we will agree a percentage-based fee with you in advance.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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