Building your Portfolio


Risk, return and everything in between


Deciding which assets to invest in forms a critical part of constructing a well-diversified portfolio and needs to reflect the right balance of risk and reward based on your goals, appetite for risk and personal values.

Client Reviews

We love it when our actions speak louder than words!

The quality and depth of research by the team at Steward Wealth are second to none. Their comprehensive knowledge and understanding of investment markets and strategies are an invaluable asset to their current and potential advisory clients.

Fund Manager

Australian Equities

Your service has been invaluable to me when I have needed it most. I feel that you are always looking out for my best interests and your advice is something I have come to depend upon.


Private Investor

Our team was highly impressed by the rigour of analysis undertaken by Steward Wealth. We have collectively met with hundreds of potential clients ranging from large institutions, independent consultants, family offices and individual investors and Steward Wealth would place amongst the top 1% of this cohort in terms of quality of process.

Fund Manager

International Equities


Understanding your situation

Building the right portfolio begins with understanding what you want and expect from your investments.

In the course of getting to know you, we’d like to find out how long you are planning to invest for, when you intend to retire, the level of risk you are comfortable with and the provisions you already have in place.

Increasingly, we find our clients want to know that their money is being invested in sustainable businesses and not in fossil fuels, weapons or tobacco, so we’ll ask you if that’s important to you too and a lot more in-between.

How we can help

Once we know what’s important to you, we can start to build a tailored portfolio.

Our portfolios are diversified both geographically (Australian and international) and by asset class because some markets will perform better than others over the same period, and diversification helps spread risk.

The asset classes we invest across include equities, fixed income, property, infrastructure and cash, as well as alternative assets such as multi-family housing and private equity.

Our investment philosophy is to work out where you are now and where you want to get to, and then take the least amount of risk required to get you there. This means your portfolio benefits from compound returns and a less volatile investment journey.

Do you need help with deciding how to set-up your portfolio?

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