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Some things are better left to the experts

There is investment advice everywhere you look these days, but take the wrong turn and it could have huge financial consequences.

We take the time and stress of managing your own portfolio away. Instead, we do the hard work and research opportunities outside of the most common investments to ensure your portfolio is working for you. These are supported by our Investment Committee’s decisions.

Our clients find life easier that way.

How much could my portfolio be worth?

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Understanding your situation

Some people like to manage their own portfolios. They have the time and confidence to do it, and it becomes a hobby – a job even.

Our experience, though, is that most people don’t like managing their investments. For them, a lack of expertise makes it time-consuming and stressful. The urge to do something every time the market moves is hard to resist and, like a tree that is constantly uprooted, a constantly changing portfolio rarely grows strong.

We will discuss the level of involvement you want in the day-to-day management of your investments. You can be as involved as you like or leave it entirely up to us.

You can also discuss performance and any changes to your portfolio with your adviser in one of your regular reviews.

How we can help

With decades of experience in sourcing, analysing, selecting and monitoring investments, Steward Wealth specialises in bringing you a range of investment opportunities from mainstream to those you are otherwise unlikely to come across.

Once we have constructed your portfolio, you will benefit from the additional experience and expertise of our Investment Committee, which meets quarterly to discuss asset allocation and investment performance.

We will provide you with a quarterly review of the Investment Committee’s decisions and the reasons behind them.

Our aim is always to make sure your investments are positioned where the best relative value lies.

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