Strategic Financial Planning For Lawyers

A secure financial future rarely happens by chance. Our vast experience in advising lawyers means we understand the unique challenges faced and the strategies required. We’ll help you create an achievable financial plan that is tailored to your unique goals and circumstances. 

Let us free up your time and be your financial go-to

Time is a precious commodity especially in the legal profession where you are working long hours, under a lot of pressure progressing your career all while juggling your personal life. One minute you are starting your first job fresh from graduation, perhaps buying your first home, then the family comes along and before you know it, you are calculating whether you will have enough money to retire on.

Steward Wealth provides full lifecycle financial planning and wealth management whether it be buying chambers through your SMSF to optimise your tax position or running an investment growth strategy utilising good debt. With a proven track record of providing advice to the law profession, we ensure your finances are set up for a sustainable, successful, and secure future for you and your family.

 Find out how our debt recycling strategies can grow your wealth, while reducing your home loan.

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Financial Planning Services For Lawyers

We work closely with our clients to ensure all bases are covered from wealth management and creation through to financial planning for the immediate and secure future. Our clients range from experienced investors to those who understand the benefits of investing but don’t have the time to stay across the markets. Using our years of expertise Steward Wealth can guide and grow your assets providing peace of mind that you’re in safe hands.

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Is an SMSF right for me?

An objective appraisal of the pros and cons followed by fund set-up and management if appropriate.

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Superannuation & Retirement Planning

How much money do I need to retire?

All the calculations and a tax efficient retirement plan to match.

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Asset Protection

How much insurance do I need?

Impartial guidance on the type of cover you need and the amount. We will also advise on the best financial structures to protect your assets.

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Estate Planning

What will happen to my money when I die?

The right advice to make sure your wishes are realised in the most tax efficient way.

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IFA Award Finalist Industry Thought Leader of the Year 2019
IFA Award Finalist Industry Thought Leader of the Year 2019
IFA Award Finalist Industry Thought Leader of the Year 2019
IFA Award Finalist Industry Thought Leader of the Year 2019
IFA Award Finalist Industry Thought Leader of the Year 2019

Wealth Management Services

From portfolio construction to investment management.

Loan Services

Loans arranged for all situations.

Portfolio Building

Personalised investment strategy to create a portfolio completely aligned with your investment goals.

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Investment Management

Expert review and re-balancing of your portfolio in response to market movements and your changing investment needs.

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Home Loans & Investment Loans

Mortgages and bridging loans for properties to live in or to invest in.

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Commercial Mortgages and Business Loans

Mortgages for the purchase of commercial property or loans for business investment.

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