Still time to get on board for value stocks

The combination of vaccines and government support has sparked a switch from growth stocks to value or cyclical stocks. Find out why it’s still time to get on board the switch.

How to pay off your mortgage sooner and accelerate building your wealth

We all want to build wealth so we can live the life we want. We also want a home, however, it comes with a large mortgage. Here are some tips which will not only make a significant difference to paying off that mortgage quickly, but also will enable you to build up an investment portfolio now!

Australian residential property is on fire!

The Australian residential property market is staging a remarkable rebound from last year’s lows, and prices look set to follow. Find out what options this presents for you.

Billionaire’s ‘epic bubble’ call may be wrong

People took notice when billionaire investor Jeremy Grantham declared that the long, long bull market since 2009 has finally matured into a “fully-fledged epic bubble”. But smart investors should always consider the counter factual.

The Post-Pandemic Boom

2021 is shaping up to be a year of strong economic growth, and, right now, the indicators are looking good for financial markets as well. Check out our view on the Australia and US markets and find out why now is not the time to be sitting on lots of cash.

Bubble Trouble Brewing

This article by Jason Todd, a strategist at Macquarie Wealth, takes a measured look at whether the Australian share market Read Post